We don’t bet all just in one game

The emotions are getting higher and higher when the kick-off at Old Trafford is closer. After the draw match of Man City, the gooners around the world are more energetic to win 3 points at the Theater of Dream against homelander. But it will not be an easy journey. For me, I don’t really care for the final result. Is it insane? Yes, definitely may be. As a hardcore Arsenal Supporter, I want to win at the Old Trafford but there are a lot of things that we should focus. See the facts below.

Forget the team’s name, we are just playing for the 6th match of the league

Even if we lose this match, despite the opponent being Man Utd we are with the record of 5 W 1 L. Is it good? The answer is crystal clear. We are good indeed. Even if we lose this match, we will still be on top of the table. It is the proof.

What is our team’s rhythm?

You may claim we are not playing very well. But remember at this point, some big teams are losing their points with the teams that we had been defeated. Maybe we have made some ugly wins but we won 3 points. That’s it lads. Don’t have to worry.

What is the most important thing in League?

I am not saying that head-to-head matches with giants are not important. It is somehow important, and more than that. But for Arsenal, we should focus on our young team’s systematic development and slightly move onto the right track. So as long as the team is developing match by match, we are ok, I believe.

In conclusion,

I personally want to win at the Old Trafford and will support until I lose my voice but we are in a good situation even if we fail to win all 3 points tonight. Lets’ move on, Gooners. Look back to last season, which lost us away from UCL Qualification. So we are not betting all we have only on one match against Manchester United.


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