They are now talking positives about Arsenal

Finally, pundits’ attention is starting to settle on Arsenal. They are out of the track for many year and nobody is saying about Gunners except hardcore fans. But now it seems that the gunner times are coming.

“If they keep this team spirit, this togetherness between fans and players, then I think they will fair fine,”. This word is not by a fan or a writer. It is by Michael Owen. He acknowledged that Arsenal is heading to a better day by having the right directions. 

“Let’s not pretend they are there. They are nowhere near Manchester City. They are nowhere near Liverpool just yet. But I tell you what, they are getting closer”

When we look back to the past years, only the old gunners opened up their thoughts about Arsenal. Now it has become different. Trust the Process has been a joke but it seems changed.

“And I personally thought it would be Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham for the top four at the start of the season. Now I am having to re-think. This team looks like it is going to burst into that. So, that’s massive progress.”

Actually, Arsenal has developed a lot of programs in recent years and Saka, Martinelli, Smith Rowe are the output of what they have done. The Gunners still need to fill in their squad and Edu is having a busy week in the last period of transfer period.

However, Gunners are leading the table by 100% winning after Match Week 4. It is obviously a good start and most of the fans are starting to hype as a stronger, better team.

Let’s wait and see.


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