Is it his last 90 Mins?

Is it out of context for an Arsenal fan to say “ he misses Lacazette? “  Does he spend precious time with us? Does he have any great achievement? Or any other noteworthy event with us? No, it does not. But there were times when he scored incredible goals and saved Arsenal’s soul. For instance, a free kick against Napoli in Naples and an equalizer for Arsenal in the NLD 2020. Let’s take a look at him now. Because there is a chance Laca will spend the final 90 minutes with the Gunners. Yes, it may be the last.

In his career, he only played for two teams. He moved to London after seven years with Lyon. Then, with Aubameyang, they became one of the best duo. They both had a lot of fun and became Arsenal’s signature. This bromance took us on many adventures. However, his injury history caused him to have ups and downs and to be estranged from his fans. But he is always available when the team needs him.

During Arsenal’s heyday, he demonstrated his bravery without a captain’s armband and later became the club’s official captain. He couldn’t bring the best out of the team, but the spirit was there. There are some contentious facts about him, but no one can deny that he is the one we love.

Well, the time has come. 

We might have to say good-by at the end of the season, so let’s cheer for Laca. 

At the very least, he has done a lot for us. In 205 games for Arsenal, he scored 71 goals, some of which were spectacular. It is impossible to deny.


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