We do trust but cannot wait forever

The phrase that is most frequently mocked today in the football industry is “Trust The Process.”

Yes, Arsenal manager Arteta’s campaign tag line is now a sign of hilarity and failure. They have the best chance of qualifying for the UEFA Champions League, but they have recently lost a string of games and are unable to capitalize on their favorable situation.

But why did this happen? Is it truly a failure? Is the world really coming to an end?

Let us simply say NO.

Everyone knows how Arsenal has struggled with a young squad and a few experienced players but out of themselves. The Gunners got this far with these people and their best efforts. And their initial goal is to finish in the top six. After that, finishing in the top four is just an added bonus.

Also, players are maturing and regaining the rhythm that Arsenal had lost for a time. 

Yes, the young team was out of composure sometimes, but they are the players who have brought Arsenal this far.

Our legend Ian Wright said, as quoted by The Sun: “If we are going to be totally honest, we overachieved getting in there. There are teams that should be doing a lot better than us with the squads they have got. Tottenham have shown, even during an indifferent season, they have got themselves probably that fourth place. This is a young squad. Mikel Arteta has done brilliantly with them.”

It means we need to be patient. But how long does it take?

Fans, on the other hand, cannot wait indefinitely to see the changes and progression. As a result, Arsenal’s management must do something special for the team, and we expect to see many signings, squad maintenance, and stronger squad depths. Then we will be able to compete at a higher level and achieve what Gunners have been hoping for many years.



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