It is all started by Captain’s Armband

When we place the same performances, same behaviors under different positions and duty, the results are reversed and mashed-up. Let’s say a striker cannot score goals and only wants to stay fun all the time, also not too active to complain to the referee, Yes we can blame him as a player. We are not happy with him but it has tolerance. It can be considered as a negotiable mistake. But as a team captain, there is a lot to discuss on these attitudes.

There are two things to say here. The first is how serious Auba’s problem is. And, the second question is .. do they really need to solve this problem in this way? But  all things has done now.

Actually, Arsenal are not the only team facing problems between players and manager this month. There are some suggestions for Arteta to follow the way Chelsea and Tuchel made of. In an interview with Sky Sport, Chelsea striker Lukaku revealed that he wanted to return to his former club Inter Milan and Tuchel dropped him from the squad as a punishment. Then, candid talks between the club and the player have been held internally. After all of this, Lukaku publicly apologized for his actions. Tuchel took the Belgian back to the pitch. Many Pundits questioned Arsenal whether Aubameyang’s problem could not be solved in this way. Arsenal legend Paul Mason has suggested that Auba should be included in the squad again. But Arsenal chose the other option.


Now it’s over and done. Auba left the club as a free agent player while he is only a few steps away to become a club’s top scorer. I think he just needs one more season to become a legendary player. But the ugly thing about his transfer is he was there in Barcelona while two teams were in the middle of negotiations. Some sources said that Auba even celebrated before everything finished. The ending between player and the club was not too bad but it is exactly not a good ending. We the supporters only have to pray that Arsenal allows the desire of the player to leave the club and let him go without any signing fees.


I think the beginning of all of these problems is the captain’s armband.

In Unai Emery’s times, the captain Granit Xkhaa was in trouble. Arsenal were not able to let him lead the team again. Then, the Auba’s times arrived. It has been officially announced that the new leader will be elected by voting system, we all remember still. We respect this system. But this system may work under certain circumstances. It did not suit Arsenal. Mr Popular Aubameyang won the most votes and happily took over as team captain. Clearly, Arsenal’s fate.

Then good things happened in the early days. They won the FA Cup and Community Shield. Then a new contract was signed between them. However, Captain Armband did not make him mature. He wants to stay happy rather than complain on the pitch when things go wrong. He wants to celebrate as a big victory whenever he scores a goal despite what is happening around. And changing different hair styles every week.  Auba is a lovely senior to everyone indeed. But he is not the captain. He was not born this way. It’s the truth to be accepted, whether you love him or not. The wrong captaincy led to the failure of a good striker.

The second blame goes on the team’s arrangement. Why don’t they try to negotiate with Aubameyang?

Well. There are two situations here. The first is to negotiate and relocate Aubameyang in the squad. If he reacts correctly and in the right way, he will become a world-class striker again. On the other hand, there is the thought that if it did not make a difference in Aubameyang. So Arsenal do not want to risk him anymore. Alright, all of this is the view from an outsider. I do not know what is happening behind it. Let it be.

However, Aubameyang has become one of the club’s all-time leading strikers. He played 128 games and scored 68 goals. He arrived in January and left in January too. Shirt Number 14 of the club still gives memories to … all of us.


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