This is not the end of Balogun

Not an individual from Arsenal, including Arteta, is under a condition to praise and blame at a time when emotions are too hot. These are just the tip of the iceberg of Eagerness of the Victories. This cycle happened again after the match against Sunderland, and it was Balogun’s turn.

Last year, this Arsenal youngster played in the Europa League group stage and scored a goal. Fans have high hopes for his performances at the youth level. In addition, the interest of other clubs to sign him has led fans to more scrutiny of Balogun. But it was all before the match against Sunderland in the Carabao Cup.

After the brightest young player of U-23 was allowed to play for the senior team, it was all commented that Balogun was not ready for the next step. It’s true. Not deniable. It is very clear that he is not comfortable at the senior level, except for the ability that demonstrated in some moments of the game. But these are not meaning that he has no potential and he has stopped at this level. The 20-year-old striker has already shown a lot of performance about who he is.


Arteta was able to convince the player who was about to leave last season. The contract was extended with Balogun from a situation that could let him go by free transfer. Then, he continued to perform in Arsenal. He tried to show all he has and the kind of skill that came off the sideline’s dribblings became viral, but it was only for the U23 level. In terms of the EPL level, Balogun is still a young man who is easy to predict for what he will do and what his next move will be.

What he has said in recent months is very good. He explained by carrying those messages, “I’m still a young player so I want to learn more and improve. Whether on loan or alternative option, I want to do something else to have more play times. “The key is to improve”. These words are generally considered to be good for improvement and he is eager to learn to improve and not challenging to the senior level after he got some fame. According to recent reports, there are many clubs wanted to sign him. It is really good for him because there is a fresh example of Smith Rowe, who initially showed average ability only and became a top-level player in “On Loan” period.

In fact, Balogun has a very good record at the youth level. He recently became the all-time leading goal scorer in EPL 2. Also, he can score a lot of goals in one match. And, also part of the manager’s plans. In conclusion, this is not the end of the world for Balogun.  People who are expecting an amazing story just don’t like what was happened. Balogun is still a rising star.


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