What should be Arsenal’s next move?

We, Arsenal Supporters have reiterated that there are series of big problem at Arsenal. The fans want to win every game by natural and if the output is not what they expected, they will start for arguments. But there is nothing wrong with them. As a globally famous football team, Arsenal have a responsibility to make their supporters happy and perform what they want to see. Just one thing is to care for supporters’ side is that they need to have a realistic perspective about the team. Otherwise, it can be stressful.

Arsenal have no new additional problems to solve. Everything is a continuation of the old problems since Winger’s time. There are a lot of useless players in the squad and they must go away from the Emirates.

Firstly, the team does not have a strong fighting spirit. It is starting to be completed. There is no definite playing style. It is also improving under Arteta, but his pot and his rice were not enough to fill the hungry Gooners. And we definitely need a striker now. This is a problem that needs to be clarified as soon as possible in the nearest transfer window. And the sub-players are not quite up to the quality of the first line-up players.

So let’s take a look at top three problems of the many common titles.


Leadership problem

It’s not OK to move next just because the screams came from a bunch of young players like Ramsdale and Gabriel. The whole team must be full of enthusiasm to win a game, but the strength of the captain must be obvious and different from all of them. This is how we call a captain. Arsenal is simply losing leadership. The fighting spirit and perseverance of young people is only part of the whole story. All the work of a captain is missing at Arsenal. This is a big issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If you look closely at what is happening in team, you can see that even Lacazette, who is about to leave the team in January or at the end of the season, can bring more power to change the game play than our captain can.


It’s becoming a hot topic these days, but Arsenal have been looking for a striker for a long time. El Nesri of Sevilla, from the likes of Bellotti from Serie A to the young players like Adiyemi, and now in the middle of signing Kelvert Lewin or Davis of Lille, all of these are still rumours. This old problem became apparent when the team needed to take it to the next level and made a lot of noise in the crowd. So if Arsenal really want to have the objectives that they have set, they need to have a striker in this winter. I do not want to use it ‘they must sign new players’ as hopefully they may have ways. But it’s so obvious that doing something will working better than letting play Aubameyang. Arsenal definitely need to be done something about this attacking issue.

Lack of bench players

Arsenal have a huge squad but it cannot be used in the pitch. No one from first team dare to get even for a small injury while the team is in the beginning of way back to a EPL standard. No one dares to play risk losing their legs. It’s very clear what was happened in Arsenal midfield when Partey cannot play. Who would be a player to rely when Smith Rowe and Saka are not available to play? There are many names of players in the list. But who is the one to choose to play? So if you want to bring new players, just bring some new players as it is needed every position of the team squad. I think Arteta knows it well too. That’s why he is trying to bring in more defenders despite current ability. In fact, every part of the team should be compete like Tierney and Tavares who are trying to join the first team.

Well, Arsenal need more than these three things to become a team that can finish in the top six. It is very clear that how far other teams can go to reach the level of talent that they need to be. In fact, Smith, Rowe, and Saka have to grow gradually with the help of senior players. Now they are leading the team and the tasks are too heavy on their shoulders.

It has no problem losing to big clubs like Liverpool, Chelsea and Man United while the team is struggling with a set of requirements. I think fixing things that need to be done is really a thing to look forward to.


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