Arsenal to the next level?

There are many functions to build a brand personality. Steps such as getting people’s attention, making it more interesting, and operating to build it step by step to become get materialized. For example, whether you own a Mercedes or not, it is clear that you have a sense of accomplishment or greatness by this brand. This is the value they build for many years.

Football clubs also have their own values. Now let’s take a look at Arsenal’s steps that they are taking recently along with the good results in the pitch.

It has been a long time for Arsenal getting far from success obviously. In other words, Arsenal, which has long lost a value to the club, is recovering from the bad results by in-pitch performances, Wenger’s The Invincible Show, and the ability to produce new youngsters. And these things resurfaced the media in positive ways for Arsenal

Here are some of Arsenal’s most notable off-field activities in recent days.

·         Josh Kronke said he would like to resolve any misunderstandings between Wenger and Emirates if there is any chance to meet with the Legendary Manager.

·         Arteta installed pictures of Wenger on the walls of the Emirate Stadium. It brings players back to the golden age and winning spirits.

·         Josh Kronke comes in front of the camera. He settled on a hint of wanting to get along with the audience. He informed fans that he is working hard for the team’s requirements.

·         Arteta has made it clear that it would be great if Wenger returned to the club in any position.

Arsenal have struggled on the pitch over these years. It is a situation that has become more and more difficult to deal with in the past. By luck, or maybe the pre-season preparations were right, the team stopped losing the points since after Game Week 3. The 20th tier team has reached the 5th tier of the table. Then, they have started off-the-pitch activities quickly at the right time. In fact, these plans probably already existed. However, the situation on the pitch was so bad that it seemed to be postponed.

These days, the image of the team has risen due to Smith Rowe and Saka who are from Hale End Academy, especially for Smith Rowe. Both players had the love from coaches, legendary players and even pundits liked them. It’s been a while being absent from the England National Team players who can represent Arsenal. Saka and Smith Rowe are filling in the blanks which Arsenal need to make it. And Ramsdale and Ben White are expected to join soon to national team’s squad.

For Arsenal standing in 20th place of the table, September has been a month of recovery. October was the time they balanced themselves, and this month would be the time to keep the team at the top part of the table as they are standing now. For these objectives, Liverpool is waiting in the nearest game week and Newcastle United, who will be struggling to recover from the defeat. After these challenges, matches against Manchester United and Everton will definitely be crucial games to show what Arsenal are.

How far will the team, from which is making step-by-step changes as Arteta’s Trust the Process journey? It remains to be seen whether this will happen as expected. Will things fail? Arteta and his men will soon be able to decide whether they will succeed or not.

Success on-the-field can bring more achievement for off-field actions, but if they take failure in match results, it can make the off-field efforts harder and useless.


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